Mouse from Jake 2.0

Revenge of the Creature (in progress) - 2004

This work is in progress, just got my digital camera. Posed to resemble the marx figure, I tried my own version, this was done in chavant clay, the little blue dots you see were playing around with wood glue to get the bumps on the scales.

Guns from Young Blades This Island Earth Metaluna Mutant 1955 - 2003

Just over 8 inches high, this was sculpted in supersculpty and cast in 5 resin parts, body with legs, 2 interchangeable arms, mysterious back casing, with a weird base with eggs or food or both? I don't really know since the metaluna was genectly bred in the movie. Like the base, I took a lot of liberties on the look. I based the sculpt on the last drawing I did in math class after seeing this movie for the first time at the Vancouver Planeterium in the early 1970s. It always seemed to be too of an brief appearence and I just wanted to keep it around longer, so 30+ years later I made one, Better late than never I guess.

Feature article to come...